Connection. Growth. Support. Networking. Camaraderie.

Being a BOSS MAMA - a business owner AND a mom - is an extraordinary combination of job titles.


BOSS MAMA, the Business Owners Sharing Success - Madison/Milwaukee Area Mamapreneur Association, provides professional and personal development through a bi-monthly networking group and a mentorship program for new and existing heart-centered small businesses.


We face a unique set of challenges and perks to business ownership as moms, and we each have lots to contribute to each other in this arena. BOSS MAMA connects those who juggle these two important lines on the resume of life and focuses on the nitty gritty of running a business and being a rockstar mom (or trying not to stumble too badly along the way)!


What Members are Saying

"BOSS MAMA provides entrepreneurial boss moms a space to grow as mothers, business owners, and community members. It is a place where I give and get support that has led to increased income for my business and family."

- Alecia Jacobson, GYM 608