BOSS MAMA Madison Network

a personal and professional development group for mamapreneurs 


Founded in 2015, BOSS MAMA Network continues to grow and evolve, while staying true to its purpose of connecting and supporting the growth of mom-owned small businesses in the Madison, Wisconsin area. The BOSS MAMA Madison Network is directed by Jamie Gale, owner of

little om BIG OM.

In its no-fee, bi-monthly meeting, BOSS MAMAs give and receive ideas and feedback on common work-life balance topics such as time management, delegation, small business resources, marketing, decision making and more. Each meeting includes a chance for each BOSS MAMA to share current happenings in their mom and work life, a topic of the day and a chance for discussion. 

An application is required and a strict no-competition policy is in place for each time slot. For more information take a look at what members are saying, review and complete our application or contact us. Upon acceptance, members are connected virtually right away to other members of the group, and join the in person meetings ASAP!

These groups are open to any parent who identifies as a mom.